BJC 401(k)/403(b) Plans

The sooner you start saving, the better your financial future will be. BJC HealthCare offers several retirement plan options. Your eligibility is dependent on which hospital or health service organization you work for within BJC. Options include 401(k) or 403(b) defined contribution offerings administered by Vanguard.

BJC 401(k) Plan

Features of the BJC 401(k) Plan:

  • The contributions you select are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis
  • ROTH 401(k) OPTION! You can also make contributions to your retirement account on an after-tax basis - Learn more
  • BJC makes matching contributions of up to 1.75 percent; to receive the full match, you must contribute at least 4 percent; (Not all BJC hospitals and health service organizations are eligible for employer matching contributions)
  • While we have a range of investment choices that you can tailor to your needs, we also have Target Date funds that automatically adjust your investments as you get older
  • You can rollover money from a prior employer's eligible retirement plan
  • You can make additional contributions if you are 50 or older
  • You can change your contribution percentage at any time to fit your particular circumstances
  • You can set an automatic annual increase to your 401(k) contributions - Learn more


As of January 1, 2015, all BJC hospitals and other health care entities affiliated with BJC have adopted the plan and are participating employers

PRN and part-time employees are also eligible to participate in the BJC 401(K) Plan. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, contact the BJC employee retirement benefits office 314.362.0551.


If you were hired on or after February 1, 2015, you were automatically enrolled in the BJC 401(k) Plan, and will be set up to contribute 4 percent of your eligible earnings to the plan unless you take action to reduce or increase this contribution, or to opt out. (Auto enrollment does not apply to Memorial Hospital Belleville, Memorial Hospital East and Memorial Medical Group employees who joined BJC prior to Jan.1, 2017.)

If you are not currently enrolled, you have three different ways to enroll:

  • Online: Enroll on the Vanguard website. You will be prompted on how to enroll in the plan. You will need your Social Security Number, ZIP code, date of birth, and the unique number assigned to the plan by Vanguard, 093371.
  • VOICE Network: Call Vanguard’s 24-hour automated VOICE Network toll-free 800.523.1188. To enroll through VOICE, you will need your Social Security Number and a personal identification number (PIN). Please contact Vanguard to have one mailed to you.
  • Speak to an Associate: Speak with a Vanguard Participant Services Associate toll-free 800.523.1188, 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Matching Contribution

When you contribute at least 4 percent of your eligible earnings, BJC will contribute an amount equal to 1.75 percent of your eligible earnings. Taking advantage of this incentive to save can help you end up in retirement with a larger nest egg. (Not all BJC hospitals and health service organizations are eligible for employer matching contributions.)

For example, if you earn $50,000 and contribute 4 percent of your pay throughout the year, you will contribute a total of $2,000 and BJC will contribute a total of $875. That’s a total annual contribution of $2,875.

BJC 403(b) Plan

The BJC 403(b) Plan is a defined contribution plan and is in place to provide an additional retirement offering for our Parkland Health Center, Alton Memorial Hospital and Memorial Hospital employees. This plan provides an annual contribution of 4 percent of eligible earnings to all eligible employees. This plan is designed to supplement the personal investments made by employees in the 401(k) plan (along with the BJC match at eligible locations) to better support retirement goals. This plan is also administered by Vanguard and enrollment is automatic. 

401(k)/403(b) Information Resources

For more information on the BJC 401(k) and 403(b) plans, select your BJC 401(k) Vanguard desktop icon or go to the Vanguard website and log in to your account. You can also call Vanguard toll-free 800.523.1188. The BJC 401(k) Plan number is 093371. For more details on the BJC 401(k), see the 401(k) Summary Plan Description. For more details on the BJC 403(b), see the 403(b) Summary Plan Description.

Will You Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

BJC 401(k) Plan Videos 

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