BJC offers three medical options, all administered by Cigna: Signature, Flex and High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). 

  • Each option keeps you and your family healthy by covering 100 percent of the cost of in-network preventive care, such as annual physicals, screenings and immunizations.
  • Each option protects you if something unexpected happens by limiting the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket during a single calendar year.
  • Each option includes prescription drug coverage administered by Express Scripts.
  • Signature option uses the Cigna LocalPlus provider network, centered around local (MO & IL) health care providers and facilities. Flex and HDHP use the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) provider network, a broad network of health care providers in the St. Louis area and nationwide.
  • Signature option has one coverage level – you must go to a provider in the network to have coverage (except in cases of emergency). Flex and HDHP have three coverage levels.
  • Signature option you will pay a copayment for most services. Flex and HDHP you will pay a copayment or percentage of the cost for some services (coinsurance) after you meet your deductible.
  • The HDHP comes with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and contributions from BJC to help you pay for expenses.
  • The Signature and Flex options include no-cost virtual care services through MDLIVE.

Medical Coverage Overview

The Medical Coverage Overview provides examples of your payment responsibility under each medical option. Consult the Benefits Summary Plan Description for coverage details.​​​

Employee Costs for Medical Coverage

The employee costs table details the costs (premiums) for medical coverage. These are pre-tax, per-pay-period deductions, based on 26 pay periods per year.

Tools that can help you learn about your benefits

  • Visit ALEX, our virtual interactive tool that can help you make decisions about your benefits.
  • Medical video to help you learn about BJC's three medical plan options.
  • HSA video to help you learn about this tax-saving account.

Review the Employee Benefits Guide for access to these tools and for more details on each medical plan option. You may also call Cigna's pre-enrollment services at 800.564.7642 . Current BJC Medical Plan members can call Cigna at 800.244.6224 or log into your myCigna account.

Cigna Virtual Services

Ask a Nurse 24/7/365 ($0 copayment)
Call a Cigna nurse 24/7/365 at  800-244-6224  with any health question or log in to and chat. 

Receive virtual medical care through MDLIVE 
For $0 copayment, Signature and Flex medical plan members can connect 24/7/365 virtually to board-certified doctors and dermatologists to treat minor medical conditions (for example, cold, flu, rash, sore throat, mild fever). Services are subject to deductible/coinsurance in the High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Log in to > Find Care & Costs > Talk to a Doctor > Medical, MDLIVE or call  888-726-3171.

Receive virtual counseling through MDLIVE 
For $0 copayment, Signature and Flex medical plan members can connect 24/7/365 virtually to a licensed therapist or psychiatrist trained to treat many non-emergency conditions (for example, anxiety, depression, stress). Services are subject to deductible/coinsurance in the HDHP. Log in to > Find Care & Costs > Talk to a Doctor > Counseling > MDLIVE or call  888-726-3171.

Emotional well-being apps 
Connect with counselors at Ginger, Talkspace, Sondermind and more (copayment required). Log in to > Find Care & Costs > Talk to a Doctor > Counseling.

When not using the Cigna virtual services listed above, you may use a Cigna medical provider and/or a Cigna Behavioral Health provider who offers virtual services. Go to to search for a specialist. Call to make an appointment with your selected provider. An office visit copayment, coinsurance or deductible may apply.