Paid Time Off

BJC's paid time off (PTO) benefit combines vacation, holidays and sick days to provide you flexibility in managing your time away from work.

All regular full-time and part-time employees (who have 24 or more regularly scheduled hours per week) earn PTO each pay period. How much PTO you accrue, or accumulate, per pay period is based on length of service and position.

The maximum amount of PTO at any time cannot exceed 400 hours. Selling PTO is one way to avoid going above the cap, as any hours above the cap are lost. BJC team members may sell a limited amount of their PTO each year. Selling PTO can occur in November of each calendar year. Team members will receive proceeds from their PTO sale at a pre-designated date the following calendar year. More information on PTO sales can be found in HR Policy 4.01 under ourPolicies on myBJCnet. If you have questions, contact the Employee Service Center at 314-362-2184 or email [email protected]

PTO Accrual Rates

Based on an 8-hour workday and 2,080 hours per benefit year.

Years of Service/Position PTO Accrual Rate
Staff with 4 years or less Per Hour: 0.0885 Hours
Per Year: 184 Days Per Year: 23
Staff with >4 year through 9 years
Manager/Supervisor with 9 years or less
Director with 4 years or less
Per Hour: 0.1077
Hours Per Year: 224 Days Per Year: 28
Staff with >9 years through 14 years Per Hour: 0.1154
Hours Per Year: 240 Days Per Year: 30
Staff with >14 years
Manager/Supervisor with >9 years
Director with >4 years, Vice Presidents
Per Hour: 0.1270
Hours Per Year: 264 Days Per Year: 33


You may receive pay when you miss work due to the loss of a loved one. For more information, see HR Policy 4.04 Bereavement, posted to ourPolicies on myBJCnet.

Jury Duty

You are paid for missed work time for jury duty. For more information, see HR Policy 4.05 Time Off for Jury Duty, posted to ourPolicies on myBJCnet.