Exiting BJC

No matter the reason you are leaving BJC, this page will provide you with general guidance on what you should know and what you need to do regarding your BJC Total Rewards.

  • The Exiting Employment Benefits Summary provides most of the information you need regarding your benefits and/or benefit coverage upon exiting BJC, along with contact information for each specific vendor.
  • Notify your supervisor/manager of your termination date: Proper advance notice is generally required. Your supervisor will enter your term date into PeopleSoft, which will trigger (if applicable) your PTO payout, pension material, COBRA health care notice, etc. For details, see BJC’s HR policy on termination (9.01) on the HR Hub. Once there, select "Find Answers", then "Policies" in the left navigation bar. 
  • Verify your home mailing address on myBJCnet: Update your address, if necessary, to ensure the delivery of time-sensitive benefit information, such as optional insurance coverage and your W-2 at year’s end.
  • Return company property: Discuss the return of your badge, keys, BJC-issued phone, laptop, Pcard, etc, with your supervisor or local HR department.
  • COBRA: If you participate in the BJC medical, dental or vision insurance plans, a COBRA continuation of coverage notice will be mailed to your home address. The COBRA notice will include details on benefits continuation and cost information for 2024, if you wish to continue your insurance coverage after leaving BJC.
  • BJC 401(k)/403(b) Plans: Your account balances can remain with Vanguard, transfer to another plan, or be distributed to you. The regular biweekly payroll contributions you allocate to your 401(k)/403(b) account (if applicable) will be deducted from your last paycheck. As such, you might want to wait until your final paycheck is issued before transferring your account balance to another plan or taking a distribution. If you decide to leave the account balance with Vanguard, no action is needed. Contact Vanguard at vanguard.com/retirementplans or toll-free 800.523.1188.
  • Review retirement benefits - pension, Medicare insurance plans, medical and vision options through YouDecide