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Balancing work and personal responsibilities can be challenging. That’s why BJC offers resources to help manage life’s demands. Our goal is to foster a positive culture and productive environment for time spent at work and to provide you appropriate time away from work to do what you enjoy most. In addition, there are a number of policies and programs designed to support your work-life balance.

Work-Life Programs

Paid Time Off (PTO): This is a bank of time for your scheduled and unscheduled time off. The bank includes vacation, holidays, sick time and personal days. You may accumulate a maximum of 23 to 33 days annually, based on your position and years of service. 

Employee Discounts: BJC offers you and your dependents an array of discounts, allowing savings for purchases made. The discount platform allows BJC to evolve offerings based on your feedback. 

BJC Adoption Assistance: BJC offers financial assistance if you use a licensed agency to adopt a child. A combination of documented expenses, including agency and legal fees and pre-adoption costs are accepted for reimbursement. Eligibility is dependent on working 24 or more hours per week (.6 FTE). For more information, see HR Policy 4.10 Adoption Benefit, posted to ourPolicies on myBJCnet.

Bereavement: You may receive pay when you miss work due to the loss of a loved one. For more information, see HR Policy 4.04 Bereavement, posted to ourPolicies on myBJCnet.

College Savings Plans: Payroll deduction is available for participants in the Missouri MO$T program, a voluntary college savings plan. If you are interested in Illinois’ Bright Start program or another state’s plan, you can participate through your personal checking account. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): You have access to confidential, independent counseling and referral services for issues including financial, relationship, substance abuse and emotional concerns. There is no charge for these services. 

Jury Duty: You are paid for missed work time for jury duty. For more information, see HR Policy 4.05 Time Off for Jury Duty, posted to ourPolicies on myBJCnet.

BJC Help for Your Health Wellness Program: There are a number of programs provided to you that promote good health, including nutrition counseling services, free health screenings, employee health awareness and recognition programs, fitness-related discounts and partnerships (Weight Watchers and local gyms). There also may be offerings on-site.

LegalGuard: BJC provides legal services benefits through the Nationwide LegalGuard Plan, administered by LegalEASE. LegalGuard members have access to a nationwide network of exceptionally experienced attorneys and receive coverage on a wide range of legal matters. Please note: this benefit is optional and sign-up is available only during annual benefits enrollment, upon hire at BJC and for approved "life" events that allow an employee to change their benefits outside of the annual enrollment window

Voya Funeral Planning and Concierge Services: You have access to funeral and concierge services at or near the time of need. Online planning tools also help you prepare for the future.

Voya Travel Assistance ProgramWhen traveling more than 100 miles away from home, Voya Travel Assistance offers you and your dependents four types of services: pre-trip information, emergency personal services, medical assistance services, and emergency transportation services.

Workplace Banking: By choosing to direct deposit your paycheck through Bank of America or U.S. Bank, you can receive additional banking services and discounts.

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