Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement to employees injured in the course of employment. BJC pays into a Worker's Compensation plan, at no cost to the employee.

Employees who experience an on the job injury should contact Occupational Health at their work location. If you are awarded Worker's Compensation, it is important to know that any Worker's Compensation payment you receive will be mailed to your home and is not processed by BJC's Payroll department. Therefore, your cost for BJC benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.) and other deductions that are normally deducted from your pay are held in arrears and are collected upon your return to active employment. The Payroll department will deduct your normal bi-weekly per pay period benefit costs plus one additional bi-weekly amount (i.e. double your deductions) until you have paid all monies owed. The Payroll Department cannot accept personal checks for payment of benefits.

Note: Child support is not deducted from your Worker's Compensation payment. Upon your return to work, a new child support order will need to be received by BJC to reinstate deductions. If there is a lien for child support, Worker's Compensation may be obligated to abide by such lien and deductions will be taken from your Worker's Compensation check.


Employee Service Center at 314-362-2184 or 1-855-362-2184

For paycheck questions, please contact the Payroll department at 314-362-0607.

Total Temporary Disability Benefits (TTD) questions, contact the Workers Compensation Administration.

When you are expected to be out of work for more than 180 days, contact BJC Leave Management Center at 1-800-213-1580.