For 2018, BJC  will continue to offer High and Low dental options, administered by Delta Dental of Missouri.

Both options provide access to the Delta Dental Premier network, featuring 80 percent of dental care providers nationwide as well as access to the Delta Dental PPO (preferred provider organization) network, which includes nearly 50 percent of all dentists nationwide.

Both High and Low options cover in-network preventive services (two dental cleanings per year) with no deductible. Both options cover basic care and major care, with dental plan participants paying more for these services under the Low option. Orthodontia is covered only in the High option, so if you don’t anticipate orthodontia expenses in 2017, you might save yourself some money by switching to the Low option during annual enrollment.

   The contributions below are pre-tax, per-pay-period deductions, based on 26 pay periods a year.

Find a Dentist

With the Delta Dental “Find a Provider” search tool you can search for a dentist in your area. You also can use the tool to determine if your current dentist is within Delta Dental's networks.

Dental plan participants who discover that their current dentist is not within Delta Dental’s Premier or PPO networks, might want to ask their non-participating dentist to contact Delta Dental or call 314.656.2716 to become a participating provider, since the cost of network dental services are significantly less than those received out of network.

Mobile App

The Delta Dental mobile app delivers fast access to dentist search, claims, coverage, cost estimates, ID card information and more. Instructions to download the mobile app

Choosing the Right Option

Delta Dental provides insight on selecting the dental coverage option that’s right for you and your family. Learn more here.

For more information, go to the Delta Dental website or call toll-free 800.335.8266.

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