Steps to Enroll

1. Log on to myBJCnet

At work:

  • Select the myBJCnet tab on the BJCnet home page or enter into the browser on your work PC.
  • Log on using your BJC network ID and password.
  • On the myBJCnet landing page, select myBenefits.

Outside the BJC network:

For your protection, access to myBJCnet from home and remote locations requires a two-step log-in through DUO security. Please have your registered device ready to confirm after entering your BJC network ID and password. If you don’t have DUO, you need to go to the DUO self-service portal and register. The portal is only available from inside the BJC network, so you will need to log in using your network ID and password. Once you have DUO security, you can access myBJCnet and enroll in benefits from home and other remote locations.

  • On the myBJCnet landing page, select myBenefits.

2. Enroll

  • The enrollment tool will guide you through all the steps for enrolling.
  • At the bottom of the Select an Option page, select Continue to store your choices until you’re ready to submit your final elections. The Continue button also takes you back to the Enrollment Summary page, where you can choose Edit to view another benefit.

3. Review & Finalize

  • After making your elections, go back to the Enrollment Summary.
  • Review your elections and select Next. This will take you to the Authorization page.
    • If you are not sure, select Cancel to return to the Enrollment Summary page.
    • If you are sure, select Next and you to go to the Submit Benefit Choices page.
  • Select Submit to finalize your enrollment. Note: if you do not click Submit, your elections will not be saved.

4. Save or Print Your Confirmation Statement

Annual Enrollment: If you enroll during Annual Enrollment, select As of Next Annual Enrollment in the drop-down menu on the Benefits Confirmation Report page, then choose Generate Benefits Confirmation Report.

New Hire/Status Change: Select Last Event Processed in the drop-down menu on the Benefits Confirmation Report page, then choose Generate Benefits Confirmation Report.

You can view your benefit elections any time on myBJCnet in the myBenefits folder. Choose the link titled Benefits Summary. To view your 2022 benefits after enrolling, enter 01/01/2022 and select Go. If you’re a new employee, or enrolled due to a status change, enter the date your benefits become effective and select Go.

When Life Events Occur October–December

During October, November and December, employees who experience an employment status change (e.g.,newly hired, part-time to full-time) or a qualified life event (e.g., marriage, birth of a child) may need to enroll in benefits twice within a short period of time

For example: an employee hired in October may experience an overlap of his/her new hire enrollment with the following year's annual benefits enrollment and need to enroll twice:

  1. As a new hire for benefits effective in December of the current year, and
  2. As an annual benefits enrollee for benefits effective January 1 of the following year

Employees who experience multiple events will receive an email with enrollment instructions.

For technical assistance, contact the BJC Customer Support Center at 314.362.4700 with questions. Available 24/7.