Our team members' dedication to supporting our mission is what makes BJC special. To honor these team members, service anniversary celebrations are held. We also have celebrations recognizing service excellence such as hospital week, departmental recognition, and employees and leaders of the month or year. 

Recognition Programs


BJC Shines is our recognition and rewards program, created to enhance recognition at BJC – how leaders recognize employees for their contributions and how employees recognize each other. BJC Shines is a fun and easy-to-use online system developed and maintained by Maritz, a St. Louis-based company and a leader in developing recognition and incentive programs.

BJC Shines allows all BJC employees to celebrate accomplishments, big and small. It feels good to be recognized for your work and to know that people appreciate your contributions. Send a recognition if you notice a team member living Our BJC Values, when you want to show your appreciation for the people you work with or to commemorate the special moments in their lives – both in and outside of work. Go to today to recognize a co-worker! 

Individual Rewards and Recognition: A variety of recognition and awards are in place across BJC and within each of our hospitals and health service organizations to recognize "above and beyond" contributions to the organization and in service to our patients. These include awards for delivering exceptional patient care, providing outstanding health care leadership and improving patient quality results.

Performance Management: Our performance management program promotes individual and team performance by communicating clear expectations and accountability, and providing feedback about results and developmental needs.