Annual Salary Planning

BJC recognizes your extraordinary dedication to the organization's overall mission, and BJC's comprehensive benefit package is designed to show appreciation for you.

Every year, BJC conducts salary reviews, as part of its annual salary planning process. From this review, an annual salary increase for the given year is determined, based on budget parameters and local job market conditions. BJC is committed to offering you competitive pay.

​Additional Salary Planning Details​

  • Your leadership team determines annual salary increases (up to the approved percentage increase) based on your performance
  • BJC conducts one main salary planning cycle systemwide annually in July
  • Part-time and PRN employees, in graded positions, are included in the annual salary planning process

​Questions & Answers​

Q: What is the difference between non-exempt and exempt employees?
A: The terms "exempt" and "non-exempt" are defined under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Non-exempt employees are paid by the hour and are subject to minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA. Exempt employees are paid a salary, not by the hour, and cannot receive overtime pay. "Exempt" is not a title, but a legal classification based largely on job content.

Q: Are PRN positions included in annual salary planning?
A: Yes, PRNs participate in annual performance reviews and are included in the annual salary planning process.

Q: What determines my salary increase amount?
A: Market conditions, budget parameters and individual performance determine salary increases.