As BJC team members, we all strive to provide excellent care to patients and families, or to support those who deliver this care directly. To meet this goal, ensuring our own well-being both inside and outside the workplace is important. BJC offers several programs designed to improve overall wellness and to reward healthy lifestyle decisions at work and at home.

These offerings include nutrition counseling services, free health screenings, employee health awareness initiatives and recognition programs.

Annual Health Screenings -- BJC offers team members free on-site health screenings each year. These screenings include checks of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and body mass index (weight and height measurements) along with information to help you manage your health. Check this calendar to find a health screening event at your location. Also, see how you can benefit from an annual health screening and earn an Annual Wellness Incentive.

Health Management -- BJC provides a variety of well-being offerings to assist you with managing your weight and improving your health:

  • Omada – A clinically designed, online weight loss program that helps qualified individuals reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. BJC Medical Plan members age 18 or older with a BMI of 24 or over (22 or over if Asian) are eligible at no cost. Omada provides participants with a personal health coach and a smart digital scale. Visit Omada to complete an eligibility form.
  • Livongo for Diabetes Program – A program for diabetics that combines advanced technology with around-the-clock support to make living with diabetes easier. BJC Medical Plan members age 18 or older, diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, are eligible at no cost. Livongo provides participants with a connected glucose meter, access to Certified Diabetes Educators, and unlimited test strips and lancets shipped to their home. Call Livongo at 800.945.4355. Registration code: BJC.
  • Sleepio (Sleep Improvement) -- BJC Medical Plan members can determine how well they sleep by taking a two-minute online assessment at www.sleepio.com/bjc. Those who take the test will get a tailored report of their sleep, along with a personalized tip they can try right away to get a better night’s sleep. Based on the results of their sleep test, those who need further help improving their sleep can then sign up for Sleepio’s entirely online, six-week program free of charge. Questions? Feel free to contact the Sleepio Team at hello@sleepio.com.
  • Nutrition Counseling Services -- BJC Medical Plan members are entitled to up to $1,000 worth of nutrition counseling services per calendar year, with no out-of-pocket expenses through a provider in the BJC Facility Network or Cigna OAP Network. For more information or a consultation, contact the BJC outpatient nutrition counseling services location most convenient to you.
  • WW, formerly Weight Watchers – Based on the philosophy that successful weight loss is achieved through the attainment of a series of realistic goals, WW offers multi-dimensional ways to learn how to achieve and then maintain a healthy body weight for the long term. BJC negotiated with WW a specially discounted and subsidized rate for employees for Digital option and Digital+Workshops option.
  • Resiliency -- The ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity and stress allows us to bounce back from difficult circumstances. All BJC employees are encouraged to sign up for Resiliency training.
  • Tobacco cessation -- Kick the tobacco habit with Quit For Life®, offered free of charge to BJC Medical Plan participants. Those who are not current BJC Medical Plan participants and want to take advantage of Quit For Life® services only have to pay tax (approximately $55) on the value of the program. Nicotine patches and gum are included. For more information call 866.784.8454. Learn about the health damage caused by tobacco use and the benefits to your health of quitting

BJC Connections Groups -- Inclusion can be described as feeling as though you belong. And sometimes an important step to inclusiveness is connecting with others. Our BJC Connections Groups are designed to do just that -- connect you with others. Learn more about getting involved in a BJC Connections Group here, https://www.bjc.org/Connections

Live Near Your Work -- BJC employees who work at the Washington University Medical Center (WUMC) campus and who are looking to buy a home might qualify for a forgivable home loan from the BJC “Live Near Your Work” program. The program provides up to $12,500 towards the purchase of a new home in one of 12 designated neighborhoods surrounding the WUMC campus. Learn more.

BJC Fitness Centers -- Employee fitness centers are available at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital campus in St. Louis, Boone Hospital Center in Columbia, Memorial Belleville and Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital.

Gym and Fitness Center Discounts -- Find membership discounts to health and fitness centers through the BJC Employee Discount Program.

The Move by BJC team offers health and fitness advice in its blog and e-newsletter. 

Ask the Experts -- Find a knowledgeable resource who can answer your questions about medications, diabetes, exercise and healthy eating. You can also browse a library of previous Q&As.

Employee Health Campaigns -- Take part in monthly health quizzes and challenges to be eligible for prize drawings. Watch BJC Today, BJCnet and your local employee newsletter for details throughout the year.

Health Hall of Fame -- Team members across BJC are recognized each year for outstanding health achievements, inspirational medical recoveries and community health leadership. Winners are honored on the field at a St. Louis Cardinals game. Nominate a co-worker for the annual BJC Health Hall of Fame during open nominations each summer.

Morrison Partnership -- BJC’s food service partner, Morrison Health, contributes to your well-being by creating a selection of healthy items on daily cafeteria menus. Morrison makes educated food choices easier with line item identifiers that show the nutrition content of every food choice. Morrison dietitians staff tables each month to highlight healthy featured foods and recipes. Visit Morrison's website for more information, including locations, menus, recipes and more.

BJC Med Talks – Modeled after TED Talks – short, informative talks on a wide range of topics – BJC Med Talks introduce health professionals, doctors, community leaders and patients who have an important message to share.