Guiding People to Success (GPS)

GPS is BJC's integrated approach to onboarding, engaging, developing and retaining our team members. GPS creates a better aligned and more holistic effort to strengthen our workforce with standardized tools for promoting success in one easy-to-access location for all team members and leaders. Further, the GPS approach promotes employees taking an active role in owning their career success with BJC. For leaders, it’s about engaging and enabling team members to be successful at BJC today and into the future.

GPS includes four major components:

Component Phase of Employee Life Cycle Targeted Ownership
Onboarding Team members who are new to BJC Managers use these tools to ensure team members have a successful transition into BJC and their role.
Success in Current Role Team members successfully meeting all expectations and growing skills in their current role Team members and managers use these tools to build individual and team success, while also growing skills to perform even better in their role.
Success in Future Role Team members interested in advancing their career within BJC Team members and managers use these tools to define needed skills for other positions and plan for development of these skills.
Retirement Team members nearing the end of their careers Team members access BJC Total Rewards resources to plan a path to a successful retirement.

For more information, log into Saba using your BJC network ID and password. Depending on your permissions you can select myGPS or leaderGPS from your Homepage.