Be Well with WellAware

Got a few minutes? Check out the  "Be Well with WellAware" videos. The BJC WellAware Center team, in partnership with BJC Media Services, has created a series of health and wellness videos to help viewers improve their health. 

Remember when you couldn’t wait for recess? Why not take a recess break from work? Better yet, get your whole work group to take a “worksite recess” during a meeting.

BJC WellAware Center employees are featured in a series of videos, below, that are designed to get employees up and moving, stretched and relaxed, and refreshed and recharged.

“These videos offer a fun way for employees to take a break and do something good for both their physical and their mental health,” says Jeremy Koerber, BJC WellAware Center manager.

“The videos can be viewed at your desk, in a meeting or in a breakroom,” Koerber adds. “You can do the exercises by yourself or with a group. Just get moving.”

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