BJC WellAware Wellness Tips

"Lunch and Learns" used to be the go-to format for quick learning. In today's time-crunched world, taking a break for lunch -- much less a Lunch and Learn -- can be next to impossible.

That's why the BJC WellAware Center team, in partnership with BJC Media Services, is creating a series of health education videos that can be viewed on any computer -- anytime.

The new series -- called "5 Aware" -- will bring health and wellness education to viewers in short, entertaining sound bytes. "We'll focus on topics such as nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, smoking cessation -- and whatever other topics our followers want to see," says Jeremy Koerber, BJC WellAware Center fitness center manager.

"The videos will be posted and available on YouTube. Please share them with family, friends and co-workers," Koerber adds. "Our goal is to provide our team members, and the community, with health information that will empower them to take action to improve their health."

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