Supplemental Life/AD&D

Full-time employees may purchase additional life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage up to five times their annual base salary. Eligible part-time employees may purchase supplemental life and AD&D coverage in the amount of $15,000 or $30,000. Highlights of this benefit:

  • Your combined basic and supplemental life coverage cannot exceed $1.5 million; same for combined basic and supplemental AD&D
  • During enrollment for this year's benefits, if you newly elect 1x your annual base salary or increase your current coverage by 1x your annual base salary, your will automatically be approved without having to complete Evidence of Insurability (EOI)
  • EOI may be required if you waive coverage when you are first eligible, if increases from current coverage exceed 1x annual base salary, or you have a qualified change in status
  • EOI is required  if you elect any amount of supplemental life coverage greater than $500,000
  • Coverage will be effective on the first day of the month following EOI approval

2017 Employee Contributions for Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance

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