Vision Service Plan

Coverage from Vision Service Plan (VSP) features a large national network of vision providers. Many vision service providers at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University are in the VSP Network.

Key Features

  • Covers a well vision exam with a copayment for child(ren) up to 18 twice a year, and adults once a year
  • Pays a portion of the cost for your contacts or eye-glass lenses once a calendar year
  • Pays a portion of the cost for children’s (up to 18) frames once a calendar year, and the cost of adult frames every other year
  • Provides a discount on laser vision correction

To find a provider, visit VSP or call toll-free 800.877.719.

Vision Coverage Chart


VSP Provider


WellVision Exam® (twice every calendar year for child(ren) up to 18; once every calendar year for adults)

$15 copayment

Up to $45 after $15 copayment

Contacts (once every calendar year instead of lenses and frames)

Up to $200

Up to $105

Contact Lens Exam, Fitting & Evaluation

$60 copayment

N / A

Lenses - (once every calendar year)

  • Single Vision

100% after $15 copayment

Up to 45% after $15 copayment

  • Lined Bifocal

100% after $15 copayment

Up to 65% after $15 copayment

  • Lined Trifocal

100% after $15 copaymen

Up to 85% after $15 copayment

Frames (once every calendar year for child(ren) up to 18;  once every other calendar year for adults)

Up to $200 after $15 copayment

Up tp $47 after $15 copayment

Laser Vision Correction

Average 15% discount

N / A

Employee Costs for Vision Coverage The contributions listed below are pre-tax, per-pay-period deductions, based on 26 pay periods a year.


Full-Time & Part-Time

Employee Only


Employee + Children


Employee + Spouse


Employee + Family


An annual preventive vision exam is covered at 100 percent under the BJC Medical Plan. Present your Cigna medical ID card at the time of service. ID Cards

VSP does not issue ID cards. The network provider needs only your social security number to verify your benefits and submit claims.