Shopping For Benefits

Three BJC employees—Jill, Jack and Jane—have spent considerable time thinking about the benefits they will elect during 2020 annual benefits enrollment, October 30 thru November 13, 2019. Each has unique individual and family needs that will impact their benefit elections. Follow the employee whose profile and needs most closely resembles yours to gain a better understanding of your benefit enrollment options.

The purpose of this illustrated presentation is to show how employees with different demographic profiles (e.g., age, gender, marital status, etc.) might evaluate the benefit options available to them before making their enrollment decisions. Please know that BJC does not recommend for or against any particular benefit offering. Each employee should consider her/his own personal health and financial situations prior to making any enrollment election. For detailed information on each benefit option, please consult the Benefits Summary Plan Descriptions on the BJC Total Rewards website.

Select Jill’s, Jack’s or Jane’s profile to follow their Shopping for Benefits experiences.