2019 Annual Benefits Enrollment Checklist

Are you ready to enroll in benefits for 2019? Annual Benefits Enrollment starts Wednesday, October 31 and continues through midnight Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Use this checklist to help plan your benefit elections for 2019.   

[   ] First, make sure your home address is up-to-date on myBJCnet. Why? To ensure you receive home mailings, such as your annual benefits enrollment packet, and other important announcements regarding 2019 annual benefits enrollment.

[   ] If you plan to enroll in benefits from home or some other remote location, you’ll need DUO security to access myBJCnet. Don’t have DUO? Go to the DUO self-service portal DUOselfservice.carenet.org and register. The portal is only available from inside the BJC network, so you will need to log in using your network ID and password.  

[   ] Explore the 2019 annual enrollment website. The site is a one-stop shop for annual enrollment-related information, including the online version of Our Benefits 2019—Guide to Enrollment, which contains 2019 employee costs for coverage (your biweekly payroll deductions for coverage). The site is accessible from work (see next item), home or the myTotal Rewards mobile app.   

[   ] Look for this icon on your work desktop PC for a convenient way to access the 2019 annual enrollment website. 

[   ] On the 2019 annual enrollment website landing page, check out the “Shopping for Benefits” infographic to gain a better understanding of your benefit enrollment options.  

[   ] Also on the landing page, check out Highlights and Changes for 2019, a high-level summary of benefit-related highlights and changes for 2019 that could impact your election decisions during benefits enrollment.   

[   ] When visiting the annual enrollment website’s Medical Benefits page, check out the “Choice-Choice Plus” infographic to obtain a better understanding of how your medical plan coverage works.  

[   ] Have a spouse who works and has access to a group medical plan for his/her employer? If so, you might be subject to an additional $50 per-pay-period surcharge toward your medical coverage in 2019 if you decide to cover your spouse under the BJC Medical Plan. Memorial employees excluded. For details, see Additional Costs for Medical Coverage.   

[   ] Learn how you and your spouse—as 2019 medical plan participants—can each earn a $175 annual wellness incentive by completing the Cigna Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and one wellness option. For details, see Annual Wellness Incentive.  

[   ] If you or your covered spouse attest to using tobacco products during benefits enrollment, whoever attests will need to complete the Quit For Life® tobacco-cessation program between September 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 in order to avoid paying a $25 per-pay-period surcharge to your BJC Medical Plan coverage (starting in May 2019).  For details, see Additional Costs for Medical Coverage.   

[   ] Consider the tax-saving advantages of a flexible spending account (FSA). For information,  contact a Discovery Benefits customer service representative by calling toll-free 866.451.3399, 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Friday, emailing [email protected]  or starting an online chat at discoverybenefits.com

[   ] When you are ready to begin your benefit elections for 2019, have available the information you need to enroll your dependents and to designate life insurance beneficiaries. This includes their date of birth, social security number (SSN) and home address.  Please remember, federal law requires the SSN of all dependents enrolled in health care benefits.   

[   ] Learn how you can change your benefit elections outside of the annual enrollment process when certain “life events” occur.  See answers to frequently asked questions on “Changing Benefit Elections” under “FAQs” on the 2019 AE website.  

[   ] Around mid-October, you should receive the 2019 annual benefits enrollment packet in your home mailbox. The packet includes a copy of Our Benefits 2019—Guide to Enrollment and required benefit notices.  

[   ] Enroll by midnight November 7 and you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of two Apple Series 3 watches.  

[   ] Remember to actively enroll. Even if you want the exact same benefits that you have now, it’s important that you actively enroll in order to avoid unnecessary added costs for coverage, and to secure an opportunity to enroll in an FSA for 2019.  For details, see “FAQs” on the 2019 AE website.     

[   ] Still have questions?  Don’t forget that you can obtain answers to benefit questions directly from the contacts listed in the Benefit Contacts listing and from the BJC Employee Service Center. See Who to Contact