Additional Cost for Medical Coverage

There is an additional cost for medical coverage that medical plan participants could incur, which is called the working-spouse surcharge.

Working-Spouse Surcharge

During benefits enrollment, you will be asked to attest electronically to whether your spouse has access to a group medical plan through his/her employer.

A BJC employee whose spouse is eligible for his/her employer’s group medical coverage, but chooses to cover his/her spouse under BJC’s Medical Plan, will pay an additional $50 per pay period toward the spouse’s medical coverage. This is called the “Working-Spouse Surcharge.”

The Working-Spouse Surcharge will not apply if:

  • You do not have a spouse, or you do not plan to enroll your spouse in BJC medical coverage.
  • Your spouse is not employed, or your spouse is not employed and has access to medical coverage in a government-sponsored medical plan, such as Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare, or through a retiree medical plan from his/her former employer.
  • Your spouse is employed, but not eligible for his/her employer’s group medical plan.
  • Your spouse is self-employed and is not eligible for group medical coverage.
  • Your spouse is employed by BJC HealthCare.