Preventive Care

BJC encourages you to be healthier by taking advantage of many in-network preventive services that are covered at 100 percent in both the Choice Plus and Choice medical options.

These services are covered at 100 percent, with no copayment, deductible or coinsurance if received from an in-network provider. Please refer to your Benefits Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) for more details.

Please note: If a visit or service is billed by a non-network provider, it will be covered, subject to applicable copayments, deductibles and coinsurances.

Preventive Category Services Covered at 100 percent (In-Network only)
Preventive/Wellness Visits
Annual physical
Well-child care
Eye exams
Prostate exams

Flu shots
HPV vaccine
Counseling Services
Alcohol/tobacco use
Aspirin for stroke prevention
Disease Screenings
Cervical cancer
Colorectal cancer
Pregnant Women
Folic acid supplements
Preeclampsia prevention (covered under the Prescription Drug Benefit)
Screenings for iron deficiency, hepatitis B, Rh incompatibility
Counseling to support breast feeding and nursing mother 
Well-baby and well-child exams
Vision, hearing and autism screenings
Behavioral and developmental assessments
Oral health counseling
Women’s Preventive Services
Well-woman exam
Screening for gestational diabetes
Screening for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Counseling for sexually transmitted infection
Counseling and screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Counseling and screening for domestic violence
Counseling to support breastfeeding and nursing mothers
Breastfeeding equipment and supplies
(requires a prescription and must be ordered through a BJC Pharmacy or Cigna CareCentrix)
Contraceptive counseling
Medications for primary prevention of breast cancer
(covered under the Prescription Drug Benefit)
Contraceptive Services
Generic oral contraceptives (covered under the Prescription Drug Benefit)
Generic emergency contraceptives (covered under the Prescription Drug Benefit)
Diaphragms, Mirena (covered under the Prescription Drug Benefit)
Services for insertion/removal of intrauterine devices, implants, fitting diaphragm or cervical cap
Surgical sterilization procedures for women
Please note: Not all contraceptive prescriptions are covered with no cost share;
brand-name contraceptive prescriptions will continue to have the applicable copayment